• Who should take Raw Greenz?

    Raw Greenz is designed for anyone looking to incorporate a powerful green food supplement into their diet. It’s our belief that everyone – young, old and athletic – can benefit from a green food supplement. Raw Greenz is a living whole-food concentrate, which means it offers more complete nutritional complexes than other raw whole foods.

  • Can pregnant / breastfeeding women and children use Raw Greenz?

    Although Raw Greenz is suitable for just about everyone, we recommend that all pregnant and breastfeeding women consult a doctor or health practitioner before use. Children should take half the amount recommended on the label under the supervision of an adult. Pregnant and nursing women as well as parents should be aware that slight detoxification effects (headache, lethargy, etc.) could occur with some people in the very beginning of use. If any of these symptoms persist for more than a week, it’s best to seek advice from a medical practitioner.

  • How many times a day should I use Raw Greenz?

    Raw Greenz works best when it’s taken twice a day. First-time users may not be able to handle two servings a day and therefore should start with one serving until they become acclimated to the product. Another effective way to take Raw Greenz is to mix it into a gallon of water (3.8 litres) and continuously sip it throughout the day.

  • What’s the best time to take Raw Greenz?

    We recommend that you take Raw Greenz first thing in the morning before breakfast and again later in the day between lunch and dinner. First time users may need to take it with a meal for the first week.

  • How much should I take?

    The Raw Greenz label specifies one tablespoon one-to-two times daily. Start with just one tablespoon once a day for the first week, and then gradually build up to the specified label amount. If you want to take it twice a day from the beginning, then use ½ tablespoon per serving.

  • How long should I take Raw Greenz?

    Consider Raw Greenz a beneficial and necessary whole food to be taken as a regular part of your daily diet. There is no reason to cycle its use for short durations of time because the grasses in Raw Greenz contain valuable nutrients that are needed on a regular basis.

  • Are there any side effects associated with Raw Greenz?

    First-time users may experience slight detoxification effects in the first week, such as slight headaches, general fatigue, more frequent bowel movements and slight nausea. Green foods are one of the most powerful detoxifiers in the world. They go to work almost immediately. As they eliminate toxic substances from the body, some users notice slight side effects. Don’t let these temporary side effects alarm you. Almost everyone who begins taking wheatgrass, barley grass, alfalfa grass or a concentrated green food for the first time experiences these symptoms. If they become overwhelming, cut back on your dosage and make sure you take the product with food. Side effects usually disappear after a few days.

  • Can I take higher amounts than what the label recommends?

    Yes. However, you should not attempt this until you are fully acclimated to taking the recommended amount specified on the label, which could take a few weeks or more.

  • What’s the benefit to taking Raw Greenz as opposed to just buying fresh juice from a juice bar or juicing my own grass at home?

    Although juice bars are becoming more common, they are mostly in urban areas. Most people don’t have ready access to a juice bar. Plus, it’s very difficult to find a juice bar that offers all three grasses used in Raw Greenz. It’s our belief that these three grasses in combination provide a synergy of nutrients that is far superior to using just one grass alone.

    Growing grass at home to make fresh juice is generally a very time-consuming, messy and costly task. Many people who grow their own grass at home have a hard time avoiding moss, fungus and bacteria at the roots of the grass. A good machine that juices grass can cost over $500. We grow Raw Greenz according to strict organic standards and ensure that the product is free of all contamination. Each serving is guaranteed to be a precise blend of wheatgrass, barley and alfalfa grass. Certainly it would be ideal situation if you could consume all three of these certified organic grasses as a fresh juice daily, however grass powders like Raw Greenz that are manufactured properly are the next best thing. There’s little difference in the nutritional benefits.

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