Return 2 Raw for kids

Our products benefit children every bit as much as adults. Because you’re never too young to treat your body right.

Return 2 Raw is all about instilling good eating habits as early as possible. We’re passionate about fueling the next generation with the goodness of raw products and educating them too.

Good habits learned early on make for a healthy life later on.

Why Raw for children?

Our society has this idea that children are naturally ‘fussy’ and must be given plain processed foods. Just take a look at kids’ menus in restaurants. Chicken nuggets, mini burgers and spaghetti bolognaise abound, with hardly any vegetables to be seen.

There’s really no medical reason behind this. The French and other Europeans simply serve their kids a smaller portion of whatever they’re having. There is no separate meal for kids.

It’s never too early to start educating kids about proper nutrition and what foods are living and good for their bodies.

The health and nutrition decisions we make in the first 7 years of life are the most crucial.

Everything you need to know about Raw Greenz for kids

A drink of water made super-healthy for your little ones.

  • - It tastes so 'natural'. Will my child like it?

    Getting your child used to drinking Raw Greenz is a process. We recommend starting with a ¼ tsp mixed with 250ml water or (low-sugar, low-acid) juice. You can gradually build up to ½ tsp.

  • - Will it upset their tummy?

    Keep an eye on their poos. If your little one is constipated, try using a little more Raw Greenz and vice versa if they have a touch of the runs.

  • - How often should my child drink Raw Greenz?

    Daily. Drinking Raw Greenz is like eating a cup of 100% organic, 100% natural vegetables.

*Disclaimer: always seek the advice of a medical professional before giving children nutritional supplements.

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