The Return 2 Raw Story

Why Raw?

Short answer? Because most foods we eat today do little to nourish us. What nutritional value they do have doesn’t penetrate down where it’s really needed – our cells! The stuff of life.

Our bodies have no choice but to draw from their own reserves of vitamins and minerals in our bones, muscles and organs, leaving us in an acidic state. When our systems are ‘acid’, they’re more prone to disease, wear and tear and general fatigue.

Return 2 Raw products have been developed to counteract this, nourishing our bodies with living whole foods.

It’s time to get back to basics and flood our systems with nutrients instead of ‘nothing foods’.

Because we only have one body and it has to last us for as long as we live.

Our philosophy

Above all else, we believe it’s vital to make raw and organic foods part of our lifestyle. We’re advocates of an alkaline diet that fuels the body with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs for us to function at full power.

As someone wise once said about food and the human diet:

"Mostly plants, not too much."

As Raw as you get

We’re proudly RAW and rough-hewn, and so are our products. Everything we sell is alive, organic and potent.

Naturally our products are made ethically. We’re very particular about this and inspect everything personally to make sure it’s above board.

Since inception, we have worked with small communities around the world who harvest the best organic foods in optimum conditions.

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Raw Journal

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    My healthy little green vego baby. Our days always start w a fresh green juice made up of whatever greens I have in the house plus a huge tblsp of @return2raw #rawgreenz

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    Give me a better way to slam down the equivalent of a kilogram of nutrients into my body in less than 5 mins every morning, and love the taste, I’ll be impressed!

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    The best mornings begin
    with raw greenz

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